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I offer a variety of services to funders, state agencies, organizations and companies with an interest in social justice, human rights, and equality, such as:

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  • Designing, advising on and carrying out mappings exercises and context analysis to collect intelligence and inform the design of strategies.
  • Design and advice on legal, communications, and advocacy strategies.
  • Facilitate dialogues across social movements to ensure intersectionality and holistic approaches.
  • Facilitate south-south exchanges, given my fluency in English and Spanish, and understanding of diverse legal and cultural contexts.
  • Incorporate a gender perspective into any project.
  • Incorporate a rights perspective into any project.
  • Incorporate an intersectional perspective into any project.
  • Develop, and implement workshops and training on a number of topics, including but not limited to how to develop collective action frames; how to work with judges; how to design strategic litigation; integrating communications into legal and advocacy projects; developing and delivering key messages; and on-camera training.
  • Facilitate diverse types of meetings for social justice organizations.


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