Monica Roa
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Los Nuestros, Señal Colombia Marzo 2016.

Especial realizado por la Productora Selva Negra, para el canal institucional Señal Colombia, en el cual se resalta la labor de 15 colombianos luchadores, defensores de derechos humanos quienes dan lo mejor de si para transformar positivamente la sociedad.



Charlotte Bunch Women´s Rights Award, Global Fund for Women, 2013 

El 17 de abril de 2.013 en el 25° aniversario del Fondo Mundial para la Mujer (Global Fund for Women) celebrado en la ciudad de Nueva York, fue condecorada con el Charlotte Bunch Women´s Rights Award, Mónica Roa y acá puedes ver el momento de la entrega. 


other awards 

Year Awards
2013 IPPF International Award for Contributions to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights,
2013 Most achieved recent graduate Award, New York School of Law,
2013 Unsung hero by the National Abortion Federation,
2012 Champions of change Rosa Cisneros Medal by International Plan Parenthood Federation – Western Hemisphere,
2012 One of the People of the year 2012 in Colombia by El Espectador.
2012 Heroes of Social Inclusion, Americas Quarterly,
2011-2010 One of the best leaders of Colombia by Semana Magazine and Fundación Democracia y Liderazgo,
2007 Nominated for the Professional Award of Yo Dona magazine in Spain
2006 One of the People of the year 2006 in Colombia by El Tiempo.
2006 One of the 50 leaders under 50 in Colombia 2006 by CAMBIO magazine.
2006 One of the Women of the year 2006 in Colombia by FUCSIA magazine.
2006 Person of the month by the International Association of Progressive Doctors.
2005 One of the People of the year 2005 in Colombia by El Tiempo, El Espectador, SEMANA magazine and CAMBIO magazine among others.
2002 Award by Academia Nacional de la Mujer de México